Monday, September 10, 2007

Adradne Artiles - Bikini and Swimwear Fashion Photoshoot

Supermodel Ariadne Artiles on location.

Very Important Trends Fall Fashion 2007 - Models - Modeling

Neiman Marcus shares some very-important trends for fall 2007.

Model Fitness: Laurie Baker's Pilates Routine - Fashion Modeling

Laurie Baker shows you some simple, easy moves to strengthen your core. Core strength is so important because it has an overall effect upon your appearance. If you increase your core strength you will look better all over.

Esmee Denters - Use YouTube to Gain Exposure for Your Career

Esmee Denters shares her success story. If you are wanting to gain exposure as a model, uploading a video to YouTube can be a huge step toward being discovered by the right people. Keep in mind that you need to think about all the factors involved so that you make the best-possible impression. But don't be shy, if you never are seen you will never be noticed, so get those cameras might just make you a star.

Model Beauty Tip - Hairstyles - Fashion - Trends Styles - Loose Curls

Malikya's talks about becoming a Ford Model and her choice of hairstyle.

Free Fashion Content for Your Blog, Website, or Layout

If you are just starting a blog, it can be tough at first until you have built up some content, to have enough to keep your visitors entertained and interest them enough to make them want to come back to your site again and again.

Widgets and Blidgets are a great way to add quick content to your blog to get the ball rolling until you have a lot of content of your own to entertain the masses. The colored menu that you see in this post is actually a "widget"...anyone can use it on their own pages, website or blog. You can get the code to embed the widget by clicking "get widget" below the menu, (like I did in this post). If you use, MySpace, Typepad, Blogger, Facebook, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Google, Freewebs, Hi5, or Picza it will place the widget in your blog automatically and all you have to do is rename the page element in your template. You can also e-mail them or publish them directly in a post, like I did in the post above. ;) The nice thing about these widgets is that they open in a new window...that way, your visitors never actually leave your site.;) Best of all, the widget is free and it is colorful and attractive. You can even change the color to match your own theme.

Widgets are customizable, so you can change the color, decide how much or many of the posts to display, choose to include the images and change the layout from "narrow" to "wide." One thing you can not do is to change the content. So look over the websites carefully of the ones you are thinking about using to make sure that you want to include that type of content on your own website. If you choose to use mine all you have to do is click, "Get Widget" at the bottom of the menu. They are a great way to quickly create a website with fun and interesting things to do. The nice thing about them is that you can always delete them when you finally have enough content of your own and need the space for your own creations. You also should look over a lot of the past content to be sure that it is something that you want to use.

Enjoy your blog...

Beauty Tips from SomaBeauty - How to Apply Makeup

SomaBeauty shows you the right way to apply makeup.

Pantyhose Model - Photoshoot - Fashion Fall 2007

Pantyhose and tights are definitely in for fall 2007. Dark colored hose and opaque tights are the hottest look. You can practice some of the poses that the model uses here to have a variety of ways to pose when you go out on a shoot of your own.

Changing Room Confessions: High-Waisted Fashion Tips

Ford Models takes you into the changing room to show you how to get just the right fit with high-waisted jeans or shorts.

Hair like a Supermodel - Fashion Modeling - Hairstyles Trends

Ford Models 360 shows you how to get that supermodel look with the right style, so you can look fantastic.