Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style - Review - Fashion - Trends - Styles

Tonight on Bravo, there was a special airing of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Tim Gunn fans remember him as the brilliant mentor on the Bravo series, "Project Runway" for his candid comments and classic comments including, "make it work" and "I'm just not seeing it." Tim Gunn was perfect in that role as he tried to steer the contestants on Project Runway down the right path and try to help them avoid potential disaster.

Tim Gunn brought that same style and grace to his new series, where he uses "tough love" to try to pilot the fashion deprived down the right road to fashion success. He and his capable assistant, Veronica Webb take the participant on a journey to teach them to make fashion work for them.

I must say that on tonights sneak preview, Tim Gunn had his work cut out for him as he tried to guide Karen as she changed from someone who looked like they belonged on the back of a Harley Davidson wearing thigh-high boots into someone who would look at home in the office and out on the town, or at least look decent in public. Karen seemed to fight them emotionally every step of the way, a surprising attitude from someone who asked for help.

The show was bright, fun and not without memorable comments of its own. Tim Gunn quipped that he took Karen from, "Rock Star to Movie Star," while Veronica Webb wasn't without several memorable comments of her own. Describing Karen, she said that she looked like a "desperate cougar."

In fact, Veronica Webb proved the perfect compliment to Tim Gunn as they worked together to transform Karen. The show is well-worth watching not only to see Veronica Webb looking totally-razor in every scene but also for the common-sense approach that it takes toward fashion as a part of your lifestyle. Kudos to the wardrobe designer on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, because Veronica looked totally-amazing in every scene, sporting the latest looks in fashion and a hairstyle that rocked the house.

The show is packed with useful information that will show you how to use the right fashion to compliment your particular figure and sage advice that anyone can apply to their own situation.

Don't despair if you missed tonight's show. Bravo tends to re-run the prior episodes so you can catch up on the action and the actual premiere is Thursday, September 7, 2007, so you can still enjoy the show from the beginning.

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