Friday, August 31, 2007

Yoga for the Core with Tara Stiles - Fashion Fitness - Model

Tara Stiles from Ford Models shows you how you can use yoga to strengthen your body's core strength. Core strength is very important and has a bearing upon your overall look and tone.

Changing Room Confessions: Red Hot Shorts - Trends Styles - Fashion

Ford Models shows you how to get the perfect fit.

BEAUTY UPDATE - Fall 2007 - Cosmetics - Modeling - Trends - Styles

How to have "the look" for fall 2007 by Ford Models.

HSN Fall Fashion Week Presented by Elle Magazine - Trends Styles

A look at some of the styles and trends for fall.

Pegah Anvarien's Fall 2007 fashion show

Fall fashions from Pegah Anvarien.

Fall/winter 2007-8 Women's Fashion Show of Theatre Products

Theatre Products 2007-08 Fall/Winter line.

Fall/Winter 2007-2008 New York Fashion Week Wrap-up - Trends - Styles

Trends and styles for Fall/Winter 2007-08.

Modeling - Angelina Jolie Photo Montage

Supermodel, Angelina Jolie.

Miami Bikini Photo Shoot - Sandra - Fashion Modeling Photoshoot

Supermodel Sandra on location.

Paris Hilton - Trendsetter - Paris Hilton Fashion - Trends - Styles

What The Buck takes us on a tour of the latest Paris Hilton Fashion Trends.