Saturday, August 11, 2007

Model Skin Care: Skin Care - Nighttime Skin Care TIps

Skin care advice from Fort Models.

Fashion Trends - My Favorite Minnesota - Shopping - Shoes Fashion Sales

A power-shopping trip for the complete look.

Fashion Trends - Short Hair Styles by Short Cutz

Some of the smart new styles by Short Cutz.

Fashion Trends - Short Cutz Very Short Hairstyles

Short cuts are easy to maintain and quick to style. Here is a look at the latest styles.

Renaissance Clothing - Fashion for Renaissance Fairs

Fall is just around the corner and that means Renaissance Fairs will be in full swing. Here is a look at the styles in case you want to look the part.

Fashion Through The Ages - Renaissance Clothing Styles

This just goes to show you that what we in yesterday is out tomorrow.

Ford Fitness Model - Kim Strother's Swiss Ball Workout

Great routine from Ford Fitness Expert, Kim Strothers.

Fashion - Hot Shots: Black and White

The newest styles in black and white.

Modeling News - New York Lifestyle Open Call

Don't Miss the Open Call for Models.

Supermodel Andrea Rincon

Supermodel Andrea Rincon.

Top Model - Video de Andrea Rincon - YouTube Video

Top Model Andrea Rincon.

Fashion Modeling - Andrea Rincon Sexy Catwalk

Columbian Model Andrea Rincon.

Hair Styling - Ford Models 360 Beauty Beat: Mad Buns of Hair - YouTube - utube

Buns, a quick way to look sophisticated.

Fashion - Bikini Models - Modeling - Swimwear - utube

Bikini Models.

Lingerie Photo Shoot

Lingerie Photo Shoot.

Fashion Update - Hot Shots: Hail Satin - Prada - Ferrera - and Others

The many looks of satin.

Material Kate - Kate Middleton - Trendsetter and Fashionista

A look into some of the styles Kate Middleton seems to favor.

Fashion News - Kate Middleton - Trendsetter and Fashionista

Should Kate Middleton become "Princess Kate Middleton," believe me she will become one of the most-watched trendsetters, rivaling Paris Hilton. Fashion Designers would do well to start planning ahead.;)

Trend Spotting - Kate Middleton - T0o Sexy For Her BOOTS -LOL

Things are heating back up between Kate Middleton and the UK's most-eligible bachelor, Prince William.;) If Kate lands her man, believe me boots will be the predominant fashion trend immediately.